A One Act Theatre Festival

Satrang is a one act theatre festival being put together by the members of the Laal Button team. The target is to showcase original stories from Brampton presented by the artists of Brampton. There will be three different phases leading upto the festival weekend:

Call for Stories

During this phase of the project an open call will be sent to the community through various communication channels asking for stories. Once the stories are submitted the selection process will take place which will select a maximum of 7 stories. Preference will be given to stories written by Brampton writers.


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After the stories are selected, each story will be assigned a director and an open call for auditions will be sent out for actors. Teams will be finalized in this phase and rehearsals will start.


This will be the showcase of the seven stories in front of an audience. This would mean a minimum of 4 performances starting from Friday evening, then 2 performances on Saturday and then a final performance on Sunday.