We are currently looking to expand our team. There are a lot of exciting opportunities on the horizon and we want you to be a part of that

Board of directors

We are expanding the board of directors to include more diversity. As a board member you will be involved in making crucial decisions that shape the future of this organization.


We are currently in the planning stage and we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline for the coming year. We can you to be a part of these experiences and one of the best ways to do that is through volunteering. Volunteers have been the heart of our organization and we are excited to meet more enthusiastic individuals from the community. 


Performance arts


Right now we are planning for bigger and exciting events for when things open up. We are looking at new venues both indoor and outdoor.  

Digital arts


Plans to be involved in a web series and a feature film in the coming year. 

Planning and Administration

Lots of room to be involved in the planning work. 



Lots of room to be involved in the planning work. 

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