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Youth volunteers and Business sponsors.

It is an event organized for the youth, by the youth. we provide an opportunity to both groups to gain from the festival for our youth in the gta, it is an opportunity to give back to the community and volunteer in an event where they will learn universal soft skills such as interpersonal, leadership & organizational. For business sponsors, Laalbutton provides an opportunity that allows local, national & international businesses to connect with the gta consumer base through various media and marketing platforms.

For our sponsors:

In addition to this event being a great way to witness & enjoy a fun energy packed show with friends and family, it is also a prime opportunity for you as a potential sponsor to effectively market your brand & business leading up to & during the event by marketing your brand through our shows/festivals. You will be able to connect with people in the community who can potentially become customers of your business.

You will have the opportunity to present new innovations, build awareness among a relevant audience & showcase expertise offered through your product and/or service. By sponsoring events/festivals, business owners can take advantage of addressing thousands of people about their brand by directly speaking to them at workshops, meetings, and the competition itself. To be exact we have almost 800 people connected with us on Instagram. In 2022 we are expanding that reach to three additional regions including Guelph, Niagara and Surrey. The possibilities of connecting with people in unique ways are endless.


We are targeting approximately 400 people to attend the SATRANG event over the course of 3 shows. We have continuously been supported by “The city of Brampton” and many other local businesses and arts organizations. We are now seeking sponsors for this specific event.

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Laal Button Sponsorship Packages:

Our sponsorship is based on setting up a long term relationship so we can figure out ways to work together and help your business grow.
Every month we put together at least 3 to 4 events with audiences that are young and most are new immigrants within different communities such as Punjabi and Hindi speaking communities.

Let’s say you want to do a promotion with use for 6 months. Within that promotion we will hand pick the events which will work best for your organization and design a promotional plan that suits your needs. You may end up promoting your event at our monthly open mics which will fall into the basic category and you will get 6 slots at $250 per slot ($1500). Along with that let’s say you pick TheDesi Mixtape Series and we end up providing you 4 slots for that at $370 each slot for a total of ($1480). You will end up paying $2980 for the promotion with total savings of $620.

Along with this you will get 5 free tickets to share with your clients, friends or family for each of the events
we are promoting you at. That’s an additional savings of $75 per event.

Laal Button Sponsorship Packages:


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Watch SatRang Theater Festival Trailer from 2022


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