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Laal Button 


At Laal Button we strive to provide opportunities for new immigrants and settlers from South Asian backgrounds to come together in a safe and inclusive place to celebrate the love and passion for performing arts.

Each endeavor allows the community to come together and share struggles, laughs, stressors of being in a distant place and nurture meaningful and deep cultural as well as social connections. 

We set the stage, quite literally, to bring South Asian talent in the forefront! 


Performance Arts

The Word is




Using performing arts as a medium we want to gather a larger audience base to feel a part of a creative and dynamic community and create a sense of belonging.

We are determined to further the promotion of mental health initiatives using the arts, especially keeping in mind the recent challenges brought forth by the pandemic.

We further organize and promote events that enable artists to acquire niche skills and additionally help them to seek volunteer opportunities and networking with like-minded artists and performers.


There is something unique about performing in front of an audience that cannot be replaced by anything else.

We have partnered with restaurants and businesses in Brampton, Toronto, Surrey to organize variety art show where any one can sign up and perform.

Most of these shows also encourage performances in languages other than English, such as Hindi, Punjabi or Urdu.



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