Theatre Workshops

Do you have talent? What is stopping you from performing in front of an audience? A stage, confidence or audience itself? Not to worry! Our workshops are designed to get you out of your comfort zone and to be able to perform in front of a crowd. The 6 to 8 week workshops will take you through a journey of exploration where you wil learn about fundamentals of storytelling, character development and being in the moment. The workshops will help you polish your skills in writing, acting, performing and in being creative.
Do not wait anymore and bring your talent in front of everyone. We will give you stage to perform. We will give you mic to express your words to public. Take a deep breath, hold our hand and take those wings out. Here you go…!!!

Theatre Workshop - Hazar Jawabi

Get ready to experience theatre in a unique way. In this 6 week workshop you will learn about performance, communication, story telling, non verbal communication, character development and much more. Whether you are a writer, actor, director, sales person or someone just looking to try something new this workshop is for you. 

Workshop Details

Every individual has an artist hiding inside them, some just let it out sooner than others.

  • This workshop is geared towards anyone with an artistic spirit which includes actors, writers, singers or anyone looking to try something new.
  • These workshops also help individuals better their social skills, help them get out of their comfort zone.
  • Personality development and team building is also a big aspect of these workshops. 
  • Recommended for Entrepreneurs.

During these workshops we will focus on:

  • Communication Skills  – Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • Story Telling – Format of a Story
  • Character Development and relationships
  • Active Listening and diction
  • Performance
  • Staying in the moment