Open Mic

An open mic event is a live show at a coffeehouse, restaurant, comedy club or pub at which audience members who are amateur performers or professionals who want to try out new material are given the opportunity to perform on stage. Typically, the performer is provided with a microphone which is plugged into a PA system. Often the performers sign up in advance for a time slot with the host who is typically an experienced performer. The host may screen potential candidates for suitability for the venue and give individuals a time to perform in the show. These events are focused on performance arts like poetry and spoken word, music and stand-up comedy. 
Performances at a well organized open mic are timed and every performer must respect the time limit. The host will usually show a flashing light to the performer to indicate their time is about to finish. Abusing the time limit at an open mic is strongly discouraged. 



Our bi-weekly podcast is an interview with a special guest during which we get to know them in a very informal way.  Hoster by Sunny and Cheema the podcasts cover a wide variety of topics from back holes to truck driving to teaching to films and TV.

The podcast video recordings are available on our facebook page at the moment, the audios will be available on other platform soon to be announced.

Comedy Show


This is our speciality. We have a lot of experience doing live comedy. We specialize in stand-up comedy and improvisation based comedy. Book us for your special event and let us take the audience on a laughing coaster. Comedians perform in Punjabi, Hindi and English.