Project ‘Pehli Mulakat’ which translates to first meeting in English, is a depiction of first dates with a comical twist. The awkwardness of first dates combined with expectations everyone brings with them creates comical situations which are depicted by ‘Pehli Mulakat’. The scripts are loosely inspired by writer Johnathan Rand’s collection of ‘Check Please’.

The project is divided into 3 phases

1. The Creation

During the creation phase there will be readings for the different dates with actors interested.
The selected individuals will be out in pairs. They will be assigned a writer and a director. During this Phase: 
– The teams will work on their individual scenes.
– They will find time to rehearse with their partner.
– They will meet with the assigned director and writer to produce a final product that everyone feels satisfied with.

Event Component

An open mic event will be organized during this phase specifically for stories related to dating. This means we will send an open invite to anyone in the GTA area to come out for this event and share their dating stories with others.

2. The Show Case

Event Component

This phase only has the event component. An event will be put together where the final performances will be put up in front of an audience.  This way the actors will get to perform in front of a crowd and we will also use this opportunity to select the pieces for the next phase which is production, hopefully we can select everyone. 

3. Production

This is when we open up the cameras. The final cast will be decided, the scripts will be locked and we will roll the cameras. The production team of Laal Button will be coming together once again to capture this in camera in the most beautiful way possible. It may turn into a small series, it may be an episodic thing with a bunch of dates, we will find out what happens. 

Proof of concept

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