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We know how stressful it can be to make sure everything goes right on your wedding day. Let us take care of the hosting and we will make your special day a memorable one while we are at it. Contact us to book one of our experienced hosts for your wedding reception. Our MCs speak Punjabi, Hindi and English.

Corporate Workshops

We do workshop seminars with our clients that helps with creativity, adaptability, communication skills, team building, brainstorming, corporate culture, and overall job satisfaction. It’s also important for mental health. That’s why a lot of companies are investing in this. Book us for a seminar and see it for yourself.

Studio Space

We have a variety of shooting spaces available for rent.

– A studio with a green screen and lighting is available 24/7 for your
shooting needs

– We also have an outdoor farm available, which is very suitable for wedding shoots, outdoor music video shoots etc.

Content Creation

We work with a lot of creative people, from actors, singers, writers all the way to production companies. If you are looking to create a music video, short film, TV advertisement, documentary or anything along those lines just leave us a message and let us help you.