Happy Father’s Day

Dear Father,

I wish you a Happy Father’s day

I understand you want be a good father

A father that has raised his kids well

The kids that everyone praises

But in their lives your kids will make mistakes

They will go through rough times

When not many will praise your kids

You will feel as if you have failed as a father

But in those times they won’t need that father

that’s too concerned about failing as a father

They won’t need that father

who will remind his kids how other people’s kids are doing better than them

They won’t be happy to face a father who’s too concerned about saving his own pride

But they will need a father

who will pretend to be their friend

They will need a father who will stop being a father for a moment and will tell them it’s okay

life is rough, bad times come and go

They will need a father that will find this letter and won’t be concerned about his son sharing it with the rest of the world

Happy Father’s Day!